Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Coffee & Cute Cupcakes!!

Last year, I started hosting a come and go Christmas coffee for some special friends. For me, it's easier than a full fledged party at that time of year.
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Kids are welcome, some friends bring something tasty to share, I provide coffee, tea, & spiced cider plus a few yummies. We talk, and eat, and laugh.....and repeat for about 2 hours. It's a little crowded and sometimes a lot noisy, but so fun to catch up with friends I see every week and some I only see once or twice a year.

I also started the tradition of making an ornament for my attendees. Last year it was rather last minute - salt dough "teapots" painted red and decorated with a white paint pen. This year I got a little fancier, but it was even faster and easier than last year!
You just need a glue gun, mini ornaments (mine were shades of pink), mini foil cupcake liners, red berries, white paint and glitter or snow. I actually used a product called "snow paint" that has been in my stash for years! There's no tutorial - I think you can see how to do it. I'd show the blog where I first saw this, but I can't find it now!
A bounty of cupcakes in thrifted (of course!) milk glass!

Just because.....

Miss M saw this picture and wondered why I hadn't posted it yet. Yes, Christmas was a month ago tomorrow, but it's my blog, right? (She also wants me me to add that her dress was on clearance, down from $60 to a mere $5 back in the summer. Yes, my girl can spot a crazy good deal!) 
P.S. A certain little boy enjoys pockets, can you tell?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Funnies

While riding in the car with Cupcake Nana one day, Mr C told her to 
"Be very careful. There are old people driving out there."
This driver looks pretty scary to me!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boys and Cars

Back in the fall, we took a day to visit a car museum in our area. We invited Mr. C's "BFF" and his mom to join us. The boys had lots of fun. 
This cream beauty was one of my favorites.
They were pretty sure this one was related to Francesco from Cars 2.
The two moms learned that the original Volkswagen brand was designed by Ferdinand Porsche but Adolf Hitler took a hand in the planning too.
We were the only ones there, so one of the workers took us into the workshop. The boys were able to get inside a few vehicles and "drive".

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bikinis & Gingerbread

Mr C was all about Christmas this year - decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping presents - he was game no matter what. Nothing would do except to make gingerbread people this year.
My little baking assistant...
Miss M gets in the action
and adds her own flair after asking if she could "get a little creative".
Yes, you are looking at a gingerbread people in swimsuits. Guess she's already dreaming of our vacation in Cozumel.

Three of my most favorite people in the world! Waiting and waiting for the parade to start!

Friday Funnies

OK....so it's a new year. I'll try to get back to more regular posting!

Today Mr. C showed me that he had a big hole in his sock. "Well, I guess you'll need to throw them out because it's pretty big and I don't think I can fix it."
His question to me was, "Not both of them. The other one is good so I will keep it."
Never mind that they are race car socks and he only has one pair.
Check back soon for a post about a Hot Wheels party for a pretty cool little boy who just turned F-I-V-E!!


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