Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Funnies

A recent conversation at my house - the words with dashes were spelled orally by the speaker.

Miss M: Can we play R-o-c-k B-a-n-d after lunch?
Me: No, because your brother needs to take a -N-a-p first. Maybe afterwards, though.
Mr C: How about B-i-b-l-e?

We cracked's the only word he knows how to spell - but it's a good one to know!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Funnies

In looking at the last few Friday posts, I am beginning to think I should change this series to something like "Photos to Show the Future Dates of Miss M and Mr C"! Anyway, this week is no different. I am not sure exactly what was going on, but Miss M convinced her daddy and brother to participate in a "Rock Star" photo shoot. Happy Friday! I have been sick ALL week with a major ear infection (yes, adults can get them too!) but am heading to at least part of my church's annual women's retreat tonight and tomorrow.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teacher Gifts

If you are via Kelly's Corner, welcome! When I saw this blog hop topic coming up, I KNEW I wanted to be sure and participate. I taught elementary school for 6 years before the birth of my first child. Now that Miss M is in kindergarten, it has been strange to be on the other side of the desk! Keep reading to learn more about the water bottle gift.

First off, the two major don'ts for teacher gifts: nothing that says #1 teacher or with an apple motif and no more coffee mugs....we have plenty and some teachers don't even like coffee! Some of my favorite gifts or ones fellow teachers have received:
  • One family asked my partner teacher a few of my favorite places to eat and they used her suggestions to get a gift card from one.
  • Target giftcard
  • gift certificate for a car wash/detail
  • handwritten note from one of my more difficult students
As the home room mother for Miss M's class, I am putting together a little thank you gift for her teacher from the entire class. The best parts: it's one of a kind, personal, AND only costs about $2!! Have you heard of Wordle? I posted about it here when I made some Christmas gifts. Basically, you type in words or phrases until a free program and Wordle creates a word cloud using the text. You can play around with the fonts, colors, and arrangements until you find one you like. Then print it out on glossy paper or card stock, trim to an 8 x 10, and frame. That's IT...couldn't be easier, could it? Two hints: to make any word larger (like the name) just type it several times. Also, use this ~ to connect text into a complete phrase. There is also a great FAQ page that answers most basic questions. It's hard to describe but makes a really special gift, so be sure to check it out!

I will send a letter home next week with each student, explaining what I am making. They will have 1 week to return the note with a phrase or words that either describe their teacher or something they liked about being in her class. Simpler and shorter phrases work best. I usually get unfinished wooden frames at the dollar store, paint it black and you are done! Hobby Lobby also has some cute wooden cutouts if you wanted to add a few on the frame. I don't know yet if I will do that or not - have to see how it turns out!

Now, back to to the water bottle. This easy gift is for other teachers and instructors in the, computer, music and the like. I saw the original idea here. Hers is much cuter but I managed to make a sample using materials I had on hand. I don't remember the exact price per bottle, but I will guess it was maybe 50 cents. I found both the water and mixes on sale. No exact directions to post - I think you can see from the picture how to construct it. I am sure some of you card making people would really make a cute one! Let me know...I would love to see them!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Funnies

I have laryngitis and this crazy guy...
keeps whispering back to me! He also felt my forehead and told me "Mama, you are berry, berry sick." Miss M made me a get well card from "your toe (two) kids".... I L-O-V-E being their mom!

Monday, April 12, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We are looking forward to the day when this....
produces this once again...
Warm temps and lots of sunshine has everything bursting out around my yard. We started some sunflowers and tomatoes a few weeks ago...they should be ready to move outside soon. Our strawberry plants had a single bloom 5 days ago....we checked today and they are covered with white blooms. Our crop last year was pretty good and we are looking forward to more this year! This will be the 3rd year for our blueberry bushes and I read that they don't start producing until then. How exciting to discover little white flowers on one of the bushes today. It will be fun to see how that plant develops.
Forgotten carrots from last season...
What's a day in the garden without some worms? Miss M used to actually KISS them when she was his age. She still likes worms, but no longer LOVES them!
So what's growing in YOUR garden so far?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Funnies

Up until two days ago, Miss M had a tooth so loose it could wave in the wind when she smiled. It was a top front very attractive. Anyway, she has been loosening it for several weeks and Mr C has been very interested. Last night I discovered him yanking on his own front teeth for all he was worth.

Me: What are you doing?
C: Trying to get my tooth out.
Me: You are not old enough...they are not ready yet.

C: Oh, OK. Maybe when I be 5, OK?

Me: Yeah, let's wait until then.

Also, at bedtime the other night, he discovered a few whiskers on his daddy's chin. He came right to me and asked "Do girls have hair on chins Mama?"

"Not this one!" I replied!
Check back later this weekend for a picture of the toothless Miss M! It promises to be a cute one!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Resurrection Sunday Events

Spring has finally arrived in my part of the world - and it was just in time for a glorious Resurrection Sunday! Miss M was out of school on Good Friday, so we visited the Easter village at a local attraction in our area. The camera batteries ran down after just one photo, but we saw 2 week old piglets, 6 week old rabbits, chicks, lambs, puppies, goslings....the list goes on and on! It was a beautiful, sunny day with two of my favorite people.The in-laws arrived Friday evening and Saturday morning brought the Easter Treasure Hunt at church, followed by a birthday party that afternoon for Miss M's friend from church. It was a full day! Luckily, the hunt was designed as a scavenger hunt, using clues from the Easter story - meaning the egg count was controlled to only twelve per child. Thanks Ms Becky!!

Miss M helped to set the table and made the placecards out of cardstock and cupcake toppers that matched our napkins. It was her idea to write "Jesus Loves You" on the inside of each card. Mr C asked "Mama, where did the new dishes come from?" Meaning, he had never been allowed to eat off the china before! Miss M was pleased because I deemed her old enough to use a crystal goblet this year.
After church Sunday morning, it was back home for a yummy lunch. I worked to prep things on Saturday and was pleased that lunch was on the table a mere 45 minutes after we arrived home! Do you see the old Easter basket-turned bread basket? Cupcake Nana, my mom, always did that when I a child and I thought she was so clever! The menu included:

The company left soon after lunch and after quickly cleaning up the dishes, Miss M and I settled in to watch Mary Poppins on ABC Family while the boys napped. After a family walk to the park and fly a kite (let's go fly a kite, up to highest height....) it was back home to get ready for Monday! (Notice my grandmommie's vintage jewelry re-do I posted about here!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Funnies

There must a reunion episode of Family Matters in the works because I think Steve Urkel tryouts were recently held at my house...


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