Monday, April 12, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We are looking forward to the day when this....
produces this once again...
Warm temps and lots of sunshine has everything bursting out around my yard. We started some sunflowers and tomatoes a few weeks ago...they should be ready to move outside soon. Our strawberry plants had a single bloom 5 days ago....we checked today and they are covered with white blooms. Our crop last year was pretty good and we are looking forward to more this year! This will be the 3rd year for our blueberry bushes and I read that they don't start producing until then. How exciting to discover little white flowers on one of the bushes today. It will be fun to see how that plant develops.
Forgotten carrots from last season...
What's a day in the garden without some worms? Miss M used to actually KISS them when she was his age. She still likes worms, but no longer LOVES them!
So what's growing in YOUR garden so far?

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