Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Funnies

Back home after a week out of's great to be with family, but it's nice to come home too! I have a few Christmas things to post, but had to share this instead, seeing as how it's Friday....

On one of several bathroom stops during our 7 hour trip yesterday, Mr C and I had the following conversations in the stall in a rather crowded bathroom.

Mr C: Mama, why is your p***s different from mine?
Me, ignoring the snickers outside the stall from other patrons: Because you are a boy and I am a girl and God made us different.
Mr C: You are not a girl. You are a mom.
more snickers....I should also add that the sometimes the boy is a little difficult to understand. Not today - this convo was clear as a bell and a little loud too! It reminded me of the time a potty-training Miss M cheered and clapped for me in a mall bathroom. "Been there!" laughed a voice from stall next door.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage Christmas

While the celebration of the birth of a Savoir is THE reason for Christmas, there are still other elements that add to the special time of year. I just posted a comment on a friend's blog about my favorite things of Christmas. While there is much I enjoy about the season, one that tops my list would be using things handed down to me from my grandparents.  These are just a few...

Hanging the ornaments given to me by my grandparents each year until I turned 18. That little blonde girl praying...dated 1982...I was with her at a craft show when it was purchased. The icicle on the right...I inherited what was left of the set after Grandaddy died and Grandmommie moved from the ranch into town.
The Swedish candle carousel that rings when the candles are lit. My children are just as delighted as I once was. I still have the original box it came in too.
Santa and Mrs. Claus decorate red tapers at my house just like they did when I was child.
I also enjoy using old and/or thrifted but new-to me items. My mom picked up this cross-stitch piece - it just needed a coat of black and matching easel to showcase it. I am pleased with how the thrifted milk glass and  sprigs of red and green perk up the corner of my mantel.
My most favorite thing to use this Christmas season though? The hands down winner would be the 12 sets of Indian glass in a snowflake pattern. Each box bears Grandmommie's name, in her handwriting. My mom remembers these from her childhood and rescued them from my Grandmommie's garage sale probably almost 10 years ago. I am using them tomorrow when some special friends come to my home for coffee, snacks, and fellowship. Speaking of those friends...they will be here in 24 hours....better get to work! Thankfully, Miss M is healthy and back in school today.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Funnies

It's been terribly cold this week in part of the world and Hudson seems to agree. This is where I found him several times the last few days. Once he was even sprawled out over a vent. Smart pup, isn't he?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Best Gift Ever

My husband has been in sunny California all week for work. Before he left, I knew the kids were working on getting sick. By Monday afternoon it was clear - pink eye. Drops were prescribed and started and Miss M promptly showed a strong allergic reaction to the medication. Hoping she turns the corner soon.
Anyway, I should have been sleeping last night but instead finished up this little project that has been swimming in my head for over 1 1/2 years! I must admit, I copied the phrase from something I saw in the Dayspring catalog once and I used some clip art to help me get the bow just right on the package. Apparently, I can tie them but I can't paint one! 

Being stuck at home this week (with snow on the ground and freezing temps) has really caused me to slow down and savor the true gift of Christmas. It's a week when I would otherwise be running from here to there like so many other people. Hoping you take some time to enjoy your most precious gift as well - the gift of grace offered by Jesus Christ. Without the pink eye of course!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cupcake Tea Table

My mom has been gently reminding me to update the blog....sickness, travel, chores, all adds up to less time on the computer! Anyway, I thought I would start with a post about the annual ladies tea at my church. Hostesses decorate a table for 8 using their choice of themes. In years past, my themes have been patriotic, birds (in honor of my Grandmommie's hobby), fall, valentine, and twice a vintage table. This year was my most favorite table I have ever done. Cupcakes!!

I used things from around my house  - like my Grandmommie's mixing bowl, one of Miss M's Christmas ornaments, thrifted mini muffin/tart pans, and cupcake cookbooks. All total, I think I spent about $20 for the entire table.

I blogged about the painted cupcake plates here. I was planning to leave the big ones unpainted, but when I set my table up Friday night, I knew they needed coordinating dots. A glue stick made the perfect sized circle and it only took about 10 minutes to do the entire set. And yes, they were dry by the tea on Saturday.

Brightly colored scraps of ribbon served as napkin rings. The punch glasses were thrifted for the vintage table last year - at 15 cents each they were a steal!
My favors were stuffed felt ornaments, complete with "sprinkles" and hand sewn by me! (cause hand work is the only sewing I can do!)
Another little favor was inside each cup - a small canister of sprinkles with the a label attached: "Taste and see the Lord is good. Psalms 34:8. The measuring spoons are heart shaped - $1 from the MOPS garage sale back in the summer.
As always, the food was both beautiful and delicious. The speaker was excellent. But by far the best part of my day was spending it with these two special friends. You know the kind...the ones who are almost like family?
 mushroom/woodland theme
 Snowmen are always a popular theme.
 It's a little dark, but this jungle theme has some fun stuff going on.
 LOVE red and white for Christmas!
Finally, Miss M models a birthday gift for a classmate. $2.99 for an apron from Hobby Lobby, plus fabric left over from a Valentine shirt for Miss M = a very inexpensive but special birthday gift, especially since it was a cooking themed party. We paired it with a cute little necklace from the mall.


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