Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage Christmas

While the celebration of the birth of a Savoir is THE reason for Christmas, there are still other elements that add to the special time of year. I just posted a comment on a friend's blog about my favorite things of Christmas. While there is much I enjoy about the season, one that tops my list would be using things handed down to me from my grandparents.  These are just a few...

Hanging the ornaments given to me by my grandparents each year until I turned 18. That little blonde girl praying...dated 1982...I was with her at a craft show when it was purchased. The icicle on the right...I inherited what was left of the set after Grandaddy died and Grandmommie moved from the ranch into town.
The Swedish candle carousel that rings when the candles are lit. My children are just as delighted as I once was. I still have the original box it came in too.
Santa and Mrs. Claus decorate red tapers at my house just like they did when I was child.
I also enjoy using old and/or thrifted but new-to me items. My mom picked up this cross-stitch piece - it just needed a coat of black and matching easel to showcase it. I am pleased with how the thrifted milk glass and  sprigs of red and green perk up the corner of my mantel.
My most favorite thing to use this Christmas season though? The hands down winner would be the 12 sets of Indian glass in a snowflake pattern. Each box bears Grandmommie's name, in her handwriting. My mom remembers these from her childhood and rescued them from my Grandmommie's garage sale probably almost 10 years ago. I am using them tomorrow when some special friends come to my home for coffee, snacks, and fellowship. Speaking of those friends...they will be here in 24 hours....better get to work! Thankfully, Miss M is healthy and back in school today.

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  1. Hey Kristi, I LOVE reading your Grandmommie and Grandaddy Christmas memories. It's wonderful that you stop and enjoy all the special things you have that mean so much. We were so blessed to have them, weren't we? I miss them.
    Thank you for sharing these sweet thoughts.
    I had not visited your blog in a while - so I enjoyed LOTS of pictures and stories. Your cupcake table is awesome!!


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