Monday, June 28, 2010

"Happy Monday" Cake

A few weeks ago, Mr C wanted to make a cake. No particular reason, but just because he wanted one. Since I was too lazy to make a full batch of these time consuming cupcakes, I used half the batter for a single 9 inch round. (Thanks for the suggestion Cupcake Nana!) Not wanting to heat up the oven for Mr. C's cake, we pulled it out of the freezer to defrost.
A few hours later, the children decorated it. Miss M said it needed writing and suggested "Happy Monday". Husband thought we were nuts when we pulled it out after dinner, but cake for no good reason is pretty tasty. Maybe you should try it sometime! (I know it looks like she is licking it, but not really!!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Boy Room

Well, the bed is finally finished and Mr C was so very anxious to get it inside and try it out. We had a family outing Saturday morning to search for a mattress and a few other items for the new room. We lucked out and found a great closeout deal on the mattress set and linens for a steal at a Sears going out of business sale. (Side note: I really like Sears best of all the department stores in my area. Always great prices, good value for the $$, and classic styles that are not too trendy.)

Mr C wanted a sport theme but I wanted vintage inspired colors rather then the typical colors in a sport themed room. (Meaning not fire engine red, white, bright blue...) I was really excited to find just the thing at Sears. It's a Disney line and the package reads "Inspired by the 1940's Goofy's How to be a Sports Fan Cartoons" . I didn't know exactly what I was looking for until I saw it, but this was it! All total, we spent about $60 for all the linens, pillows included.

 Miss M approves of the new bed too! The stickers are actually removable vinyl we scored for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. The bed you will remember, was a thrift store find that started out like this.

I was so excited to find a navy bedspread rather than a comforter. I think bedskirts are a hassle! He is extra pleased about the pennant shaped pillow.
This valance matches the pillows and was only $10; you can hardly buy the fabric at that price! The walls look a little yellow in this shot, but they are more of a light khaki.
This dresser was used by my dad, myself, my brother, Miss M. and now Mr C. More vinyl decals from Hob Lob. The ball drawer pulls are from there as well, but at $3.99 each I could only get three. I check the ad each week for a sale though so I can get more!

We still have to hang some artwork and get going on a bookcase for the room but the hard work is mostly done! I really like working together as a family on this project. It's just another thing we can look back and say "remember when". At then end of the day, that's one of the greatest things about a family.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy Window Clings

Question: What two words strike fear in the hearts of sane most mothers everywhere?

Answer: GLUE and GLITTER!!
Luckily for my children, THIS mom is unafraid! Miss M found this project a few weeks ago and has been after me to let them try it. We finally did.
Supplies needed:
wax paper
white glue
glitter -LOTS of glitter!

Draw a simple design with glue - VERY thick - and then cover with glitter. Shake off the excess and allow to dry overnight. Peel and stick on windows or mirrors for a removable decoration.
We also drew some on paper, placed the wax paper over it, and then let Mr C. help trace the design with glue. We have not put these on a surface that receives a lot of direct sun, but so far they are sticking pretty well! We did have to lightly moisten the back to get most of them to stick.

Friday Funnies

During VBS last week, I asked Miss M if she was having fun in her class. "Lots! We can be as rowdy as we want because there are NO MOMS in the class!" Her teachers were all late teens/mid 20's. In contrast, my 1st grade class had three moms and two teen helpers.
Mr C in my 1st grade Bible Study Bunkhouse at Saddle Ridge Ranch.
Miss M and the VBS choir in action. ( 3rd from left)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Funnies

Mr. C pulled a Hot Wheels jeep out of his backpack last night with a fruit loop wedged inside . He asked me to get it out but I was unsuccessful and handed it back to him. "That's OK Mama. I can do this instead."
Then he proceeded to lick it.
At the dinner table.
Since we were eating at church.
With several other people at the table with us.
Yeah, that's my B-O-Y!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Weather Cooking

My brain is tired and my body is weary. Why? This will be the next to last night of VBS and everyone in my house is getting tired! I am glad VBS comes but once a year and lasts only one week. With no great lead in, here is today's post.
Do you own one of these?
We received one as a wedding gift from my husband's culinary handicapped grandmother. Thirteen years ago, I thought "Why not just a regular toaster? We are just going to use it for toast and waffles." But we kept it and that is exactly what we used it for until a few years ago. I have started using it for lots of things, even roasting fresh asparagus when I didn't want to turn on the oven!

Just today, my children are having toasted ravioli for lunch. While I would NEVER turn on the big gas oven for such a small amount of food, no problem with my handy toaster oven! It is great for heating up leftovers too - you eliminate much of the sogginess caused by the microwave.

Anyway, just a thought for when you want a hot meal on a hot day - without the oven! But really, life would be simpler if my family would just eat more salads and crock pot meals...

In other news, VBS has slowed work on the bed down a bit, but it will be finished SOON!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Funnies

Last week, when I had a migraine, I let Miss M watch some extra a lot of TV while her brother was napping. It just so happened that Hoarders (on TLC) was on and she was interested in watching it. I figured that although gross, there wouldn't be anything inappropriate and it might even encourage her to part with a few treasures of her own! Fast forward a week to when she opened up her dollhouse and began to set it up for play. Calling me into her room she said,

"Mama, I think my loving family dollhouse should be on Hoarders!"
Probably so Miss M....probably so!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This boy is ready for his first year of VBS at Saddle Ridge Ranch...starts in three days....much to do before then! I am teaching the 1st grade class and Miss M will be part of the VBS choir. She is pretty excited to have "graduated" to the elementary group this time around. It will be a great week, but a tiring one!

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Furniture for Mr C

Mr C turned 3 in January and is still in the crib. He is a lightweight and doesn't ever try to climb out, so we really have not been in a rush to move him out yet. Miss M didn't make the switch until the very day she turned 3 and we had no problems with her sleeping. Even though, I have been keeping my out at local garage sales and thrift stores for a twin bed with good bones but in need of a little TLC.

I found this gem last week and it fit the bill perfectly. Clean lines, solid wood, sturdy construction....and only $40. Once we got it home and started working on it, I discovered a garage sale sticker- it was marked $5 folks! I still got a good deal but sure wish I had found it at the garage sale! I forgot to take pictures before we started stripping the paint, so here's one of the work in progress.
It had two coats of white and then a reddish stain underneath. The husband thought I was crazy when he first saw it.
This was before we worked on the real stubborn areas. It has now been sanded and one side has stain on it. The husband was pretty sure we were wasting our time trying to get it down to the wood but I have watched my mom refinish enough pieces that I knew it could be done. He said tonight he thought it looked really nice and that we had done a great job.

Of course, I will post pics once the project is complete. We also have a an old bookcase from my parents that has been sanded and will probably be stained to match the bed, along with another bit of updating as well. Mr C. is suddenly in a big hurry for his big boy bed. So much in fact, he tried to get in the car over the weekend to "go buy the soft part" (the mattress set)!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Funnies

 If you have not seen this video "Swagger Wagon" featuring the Toyota Sienna family you must check it out today! I laugh every time I see it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strawberries and Pie!!!

    It took a few weeks, but this...
 has finally turned into this!
The ones we haven't simply eaten out of hand were made into a strawberry pie. Three so far!!The recipe is so easy and made even easier by using a frozen pie crust. I prefer the ones you have to defrost and then unroll - Pillsbury to be specific. Here is the recipe! Happy Eating!!

1 C sugar
1 C water
2 1/2 Tbs cornstarch
1 large box strawberry jello
4 C quartered fresh strawberries

Heat sugar, water and cornstarch over medium heat, stirring often. Heat until it begins to thickens and turns clear. Add jello, stir well until combined. Pour over berries and chill until set.

*PS I would post a picture of the finished product but they don't last long enough for photos at my house!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gift for the High School Grad -under $20!!

I should have posted this earlier, but if you like the idea you can file it away for next May when those graduation announcements start rolling in. This little gift was given to a friend from church who is heading to the University of Florida. While wandering the aisles at Target recently, I was drawn to a display of towels in lots of fun and bright colors and ON SALE!!! After conferring with the husband that these were indeed VERY close to her school colors, we purchased two bath towels and two washcloths...a practical gift for a girl moving so far from home!

Fresh Take on a Flower Girl Basket

First off, I failed to notice that I am a just a wee bit past post #100! I had it set to automatically post and didn't notice until today. Also, I have noticed that this little blog gets an average of 12 hits a day, and more on some days. So, leave a comment and let me know who you are! Miss M and I might just decide to send a lucky commenter a little something as well.

We are in the first days of June - the traditional bridal month. Actually, this year I don't have any weddings to attend. Probably because I am getting too old and everyone I know is either married or too young to do so! Anyway, my brother got married almost three years ago and Miss M was the flower girl. My mom and I made this cute little alternative to a flower girl basket.

I don't have step by step directions or even a series of photos. It was simply trial and error. We started with a piece of foam, rolling, re-rolling, and trimming until we had the desired cone shape. Next step, trim your fabric to the same shape and size. You will need to leave a little overhang at the top so you can fold it down inside. Use spray adhesive to attach the foam and fabric and hot glue the end of the cone to itself. We then trimmed the entire thing out with ribbon, lace, seed pearls, and sequins. A tassel was fed down through the cone and secured in place glue of course

The handle was fashioned from a strand of pearl beads. We knotted both ends and used safety pins to attach them on the inside of the cone, a little past the half way mark. I glued a single silk petal over each pin to further hide the construction. To make it easier for little hands to pick up the petals, we stuffed left over fabric and foam into the bottom half of the cone. Like I said, trial and error! Try as we might, we couldn't get the two we made to be the exact same size.

Updated Cupcake Chalkboard

I found this little thing back in December at a thrift store for a mere $1.50. I painted two coats of chalkboard paint and gave the frame a coat of black. Then it sat in the garage for weeks months. I knew I wanted it in the kitchen, but wasn't sure how to finish up.
Enter some cute iron on cupcakes I found at Wal-Mart and the project quickly took shape. A little hot glue, a clothespin painted black, and a scrap of ribbon = total cute!  Mr C told me "Put a picture on facebook Mama!" as soon as I hung it up. I think he meant the blog, but I like the way he thinks! I'm still thinking on how to do an eraser...thinking maybe wrapping some batting in a little square of fabric and attaching it with ribbon.

My latest project is one that I hope won't take as long - because it's a new bed for Mr C's room! I picked up a headboard/footboard today at a thrift store for $40. It is wood, currently painted white. While in good condition, Miss M and I have been toying with some ways to update it and make it perfect for the boy. Check back later for before pics because we couldn't bring it home today - it wouldn't fit in our car!


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