Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fresh Take on a Flower Girl Basket

First off, I failed to notice that I am a just a wee bit past post #100! I had it set to automatically post and didn't notice until today. Also, I have noticed that this little blog gets an average of 12 hits a day, and more on some days. So, leave a comment and let me know who you are! Miss M and I might just decide to send a lucky commenter a little something as well.

We are in the first days of June - the traditional bridal month. Actually, this year I don't have any weddings to attend. Probably because I am getting too old and everyone I know is either married or too young to do so! Anyway, my brother got married almost three years ago and Miss M was the flower girl. My mom and I made this cute little alternative to a flower girl basket.

I don't have step by step directions or even a series of photos. It was simply trial and error. We started with a piece of foam, rolling, re-rolling, and trimming until we had the desired cone shape. Next step, trim your fabric to the same shape and size. You will need to leave a little overhang at the top so you can fold it down inside. Use spray adhesive to attach the foam and fabric and hot glue the end of the cone to itself. We then trimmed the entire thing out with ribbon, lace, seed pearls, and sequins. A tassel was fed down through the cone and secured in place glue of course

The handle was fashioned from a strand of pearl beads. We knotted both ends and used safety pins to attach them on the inside of the cone, a little past the half way mark. I glued a single silk petal over each pin to further hide the construction. To make it easier for little hands to pick up the petals, we stuffed left over fabric and foam into the bottom half of the cone. Like I said, trial and error! Try as we might, we couldn't get the two we made to be the exact same size.

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