Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Updated Cupcake Chalkboard

I found this little thing back in December at a thrift store for a mere $1.50. I painted two coats of chalkboard paint and gave the frame a coat of black. Then it sat in the garage for weeks months. I knew I wanted it in the kitchen, but wasn't sure how to finish up.
Enter some cute iron on cupcakes I found at Wal-Mart and the project quickly took shape. A little hot glue, a clothespin painted black, and a scrap of ribbon = total cute!  Mr C told me "Put a picture on facebook Mama!" as soon as I hung it up. I think he meant the blog, but I like the way he thinks! I'm still thinking on how to do an eraser...thinking maybe wrapping some batting in a little square of fabric and attaching it with ribbon.

My latest project is one that I hope won't take as long - because it's a new bed for Mr C's room! I picked up a headboard/footboard today at a thrift store for $40. It is wood, currently painted white. While in good condition, Miss M and I have been toying with some ways to update it and make it perfect for the boy. Check back later for before pics because we couldn't bring it home today - it wouldn't fit in our car!

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