Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy Window Clings

Question: What two words strike fear in the hearts of sane most mothers everywhere?

Answer: GLUE and GLITTER!!
Luckily for my children, THIS mom is unafraid! Miss M found this project a few weeks ago and has been after me to let them try it. We finally did.
Supplies needed:
wax paper
white glue
glitter -LOTS of glitter!

Draw a simple design with glue - VERY thick - and then cover with glitter. Shake off the excess and allow to dry overnight. Peel and stick on windows or mirrors for a removable decoration.
We also drew some on paper, placed the wax paper over it, and then let Mr C. help trace the design with glue. We have not put these on a surface that receives a lot of direct sun, but so far they are sticking pretty well! We did have to lightly moisten the back to get most of them to stick.

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  1. How neat is that! I think I heard about this years ago,but have never seen it actually done. GOOD JOB YA'LL!!!


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