Monday, June 7, 2010

New Furniture for Mr C

Mr C turned 3 in January and is still in the crib. He is a lightweight and doesn't ever try to climb out, so we really have not been in a rush to move him out yet. Miss M didn't make the switch until the very day she turned 3 and we had no problems with her sleeping. Even though, I have been keeping my out at local garage sales and thrift stores for a twin bed with good bones but in need of a little TLC.

I found this gem last week and it fit the bill perfectly. Clean lines, solid wood, sturdy construction....and only $40. Once we got it home and started working on it, I discovered a garage sale sticker- it was marked $5 folks! I still got a good deal but sure wish I had found it at the garage sale! I forgot to take pictures before we started stripping the paint, so here's one of the work in progress.
It had two coats of white and then a reddish stain underneath. The husband thought I was crazy when he first saw it.
This was before we worked on the real stubborn areas. It has now been sanded and one side has stain on it. The husband was pretty sure we were wasting our time trying to get it down to the wood but I have watched my mom refinish enough pieces that I knew it could be done. He said tonight he thought it looked really nice and that we had done a great job.

Of course, I will post pics once the project is complete. We also have a an old bookcase from my parents that has been sanded and will probably be stained to match the bed, along with another bit of updating as well. Mr C. is suddenly in a big hurry for his big boy bed. So much in fact, he tried to get in the car over the weekend to "go buy the soft part" (the mattress set)!


  1. That's really coming out well! Good job! And I can't wait to see the finished product. :)

  2. Looking good...I am excited for Mr.C!!!


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