Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Weather Cooking

My brain is tired and my body is weary. Why? This will be the next to last night of VBS and everyone in my house is getting tired! I am glad VBS comes but once a year and lasts only one week. With no great lead in, here is today's post.
Do you own one of these?
We received one as a wedding gift from my husband's culinary handicapped grandmother. Thirteen years ago, I thought "Why not just a regular toaster? We are just going to use it for toast and waffles." But we kept it and that is exactly what we used it for until a few years ago. I have started using it for lots of things, even roasting fresh asparagus when I didn't want to turn on the oven!

Just today, my children are having toasted ravioli for lunch. While I would NEVER turn on the big gas oven for such a small amount of food, no problem with my handy toaster oven! It is great for heating up leftovers too - you eliminate much of the sogginess caused by the microwave.

Anyway, just a thought for when you want a hot meal on a hot day - without the oven! But really, life would be simpler if my family would just eat more salads and crock pot meals...

In other news, VBS has slowed work on the bed down a bit, but it will be finished SOON!

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