Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Funnies

Back home after a week out of's great to be with family, but it's nice to come home too! I have a few Christmas things to post, but had to share this instead, seeing as how it's Friday....

On one of several bathroom stops during our 7 hour trip yesterday, Mr C and I had the following conversations in the stall in a rather crowded bathroom.

Mr C: Mama, why is your p***s different from mine?
Me, ignoring the snickers outside the stall from other patrons: Because you are a boy and I am a girl and God made us different.
Mr C: You are not a girl. You are a mom.
more snickers....I should also add that the sometimes the boy is a little difficult to understand. Not today - this convo was clear as a bell and a little loud too! It reminded me of the time a potty-training Miss M cheered and clapped for me in a mall bathroom. "Been there!" laughed a voice from stall next door.

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