Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mr C and His Sports Party

So, what do you get when you combine a bunch of 3 and 4 year old boys, FRIGID temperatures, and a mom who is too cheap to spring for an "away" party? First, your awesome husband cleans out the garage, including the melted snow and road yuck. Then you crank up the heater in your oversized garage, inflate a jump house borrowed from a friend, set out a few assorted balls and celebrate Mr. C's 4th birthday!
Mr C saw a photo of these cupcakes in a Betty Crocker calendar after his birthday last year and hung it on his bedroom door so I wouldn't forget what he wanted!
 Not the most flattering shot of Miss M, but everytime I tried to take a bouncy shot, this is what she did!
more fun in the "gym" as one young partygoer called it!
You can see just a little of the "craft" - room pennants with each boy's name written in slick paint. They had sports foam stickers to put on them.

 Waiting for the basketball pinata'...
 major jumping action + dry winter air = MAJOR STATIC HAIR!
A homemade basketball pinata, made with help from the entire family. It lasted long enough for everyone to get in several swings.
The resident girl means BUSINESS!
As usual, this party was done with a small budget. I made sure to check the clearance aisle every time I made a trip to Hobby Lobby. We scored some great deals on paper products and decorations. The only splurge was a package of plastic basketball whistles we gave out as a favors. Yeah, my mom friends were less than thrilled with that choice, but they deserve it after all the battery hungry toys they gave as gifts! Just kidding, we are all still friends...I think!

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  1. This looks like one very happy birthday boy!! I think big sis had a good time too! Great job on the pinata. :)


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