Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funnies

While Mr C and I were getting ready to leave for our weekly storytime at the library, he decided to shut all the bedroom and bathroom doors. Then he announced he was going to lock all the doors so Hudson wouldn't bother anything. Never mind that Hudson was already in his crate in my bedroom. Anyway, he managed to lock my door and shut it - the only doorknob in the house that hasn't been turned around so the lock is on the outside. Frustration set in...I could get the door lock to unlock but I couldn't get the door to open the entire way. I called my friend who was on the way to meet me at the library and she came to my house instead. A fresh set of eyes and a few minutes later...she had opened the door! I am so thankful that Hudson wasn't loose in my room the entire time.

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