Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow, Snow, & More Snow

Snow day #1...somebody get these poor children a sled! They are on trash can lids.
Snow Day #2: Down the slide and into an already deep pile of snow!
This was A LOT of snow.
Snow Day #2 and #3: Miss M and I spent a long time shoveling, shoveling, and shoveling the white stuff.
Look Mama! No legs! Hudson had some trouble navigating the deep snow as well. He pretty much just jumped over it like a rabbit.
(Thank goodness for snow pants.) Whew...this shoveling stuff can really wear a guy out.
my helper...and she really did work hard.
Can we go in now? Please???
Even the Touchdown Hog just about disappeared...along with a most of my yard!
Showing me how deep the snow was. He's just too cool in the shades, don't you think?
My friends from further north think this is a just a little bit of snow, but it was an amazing amount to this girl from down South! Too bad Miss M had to miss 3 days of school over the course of two weeks though...a few more days and it will really cut into summer break.

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