Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat, Minnie Mouse, & Go Fish

Our church hosted a trunk or treat for the first time this year. Even though we have known about it for several weeks, our family didn't decide on our theme until last night! We put it all together in just about an hour after church today and everything we used came from our house - no additional purchases!

The giant suckers are part of my porch decorations for Christmas. The candy and jars were collected from around the house and in the pantry.
Minnie and Jason from Go Fish, with our porch ghost and Scooby jack-o-lantern. (Minnie costume purchased at a thrift store after Halloween last year. Go Fish track suit was a hand-me-down from friends. Total spent for both costumes: $15.)

 a blurry was pretty windy and I was shivering! They even had it rigged up to ROAR!
 The rockin' Wright family
The winning car, as voted on by the children. Judging from the comments and kids who said they were going to vote for us, Miss M thinks we must have been a close second.
Finally at home again...posing for one last costume shot with the addition of Hudson "Super Dog".  Now excuse me while I go raid some trick-or-treat bags!

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