Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat, Minnie Mouse, & Go Fish

Our church hosted a trunk or treat for the first time this year. Even though we have known about it for several weeks, our family didn't decide on our theme until last night! We put it all together in just about an hour after church today and everything we used came from our house - no additional purchases!

The giant suckers are part of my porch decorations for Christmas. The candy and jars were collected from around the house and in the pantry.
Minnie and Jason from Go Fish, with our porch ghost and Scooby jack-o-lantern. (Minnie costume purchased at a thrift store after Halloween last year. Go Fish track suit was a hand-me-down from friends. Total spent for both costumes: $15.)

 a blurry was pretty windy and I was shivering! They even had it rigged up to ROAR!
 The rockin' Wright family
The winning car, as voted on by the children. Judging from the comments and kids who said they were going to vote for us, Miss M thinks we must have been a close second.
Finally at home again...posing for one last costume shot with the addition of Hudson "Super Dog".  Now excuse me while I go raid some trick-or-treat bags!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Funnies

My husband's grandmother, aunt, and her friend are in town for a few days this week. Lots of eating, laughing, and playing have ensued. At the dinner table tonight, Grandma Dee (turning 87 next month) told Miss M to eat her veggies or she wouldn't have big muscles.
"I already do!" she replied.
Our visitor Gywnn quipped "Where, your jaw?"
Miss M laughed after we explained the joke to her and plans to use on another big talker she knows soon. I love that my girl can enjoy a good joke!
We also looked over at Mr C at one point to find a noodle sticking out of his nose. Really not sure where he gets that from...must be his dad!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Funnies

Not sure why this didn't post on Friday!
Conversation at my house this week....
Me: Wow, Hudson (our 6 month old beagle pup) is really on fire today!"
Carter: Yeah Mama. He feels really hot to me too.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Candlestick Redo

Thanks to Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick, I have been introduced to Rust-oleum Metallic Spray paint in oil rubbed bronze. I have been trying it on several projects around the house, but here's my favorite one so far.

My mom picked up these 3 ceramic candleholders at a thrift store for $1 each - notice one has an original price of $9.99. They were in great condition without a single chip.

I tend to favor warmer tones in my home and these were just a little too white. So they sat and sat in the basement all summer long. Finally, inspiration hit! With two coats of rubbed oil bronze and a few apple pie candles from Walmart, they are a perfect fit in my living room. I just hope my mom doesn't want them back when she comes to visit next month! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Funnies

A random woman asked Mr C "What are you going to be for Halloween?"
"Jason!" he proudly exclaimed.
The look on her face let me know that she was thinking of this Jason...

and not THIS Jason - the guy on the right!

Remember a few weeks back when I showed you this picture of Mr C? Well, that is pretty much his Halloween costume. With a different shirt and the addition of a toy guitar he magically becomes a Go Fish Rockstar. Miss M is still undecided, but we are not making her costume like last year. After all the spray painting I have been doing (projects to be posted soon!) I may just incorporate my claw hand into a costume of sorts!


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