Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Mermaid Sneak Peek

As I mentioned in my previous post, Miss M is involved in a children' community theater production of The Little Mermaid. It's pretty neat that most of the kids had a hand in working on their own costumes. This is her first show and she is the youngest by at least 2 years. She's holding her own though and learning a lot! I think her favorite thing about last night was that she got to wear MAKE-UP! Here are a few pics from the dress rehearsal. 
Miss M is Cecil, a Slithery Sir. She likes telling people she is a minion for Odessa, the Queen of the Humans. (Ursala in the Disney version.) If you are local and want tickets....let me know soon! Showtime is this Sunday at 2 PM.


  1. She looks so cute! Tell her to "break a leg!"

  2. Love the Slithery Sir!! Meredith, you really look amazing! And your mom has been bragging to me about what a great job you are doing. I'm sure you have learned tons!
    NOW - you better get well in a hurry! You've got a few days - hopefully you will be 100% right away.
    Wish I could see the Slithery Sir in person. :)

    Love you all


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