Thursday, February 2, 2012


A friend recently pointed out that I never showed her any pictures from our trip to Cozumel last June. I thought I better get some posted before our trip down again this summer!
 a tired traveler.....ready for some food and fun!
 me, Miss M, Cupcake Nana, and Aunt K
 the view from one of our 3 balconies!
 Nana & Miss M enjoying some music on the balcony
 towel animals every day, just like on a cruise
 The outdoor bed on the largest balcony. I just needed mosquito netting and I would have slept outside most nights! It was a fun spot for cards and taking a nap though.
 Me and my SIL with some of the Native American dancers from one of the shows we saw.
 Aunt J was brave to hold this big guy. Smaller iguanas were everywhere; kinda like squirrels are in my neighborhood.
 Mr C on an excursion to the other side of the island
 Miss M was usually in her swimsuit and had a red tongue from strawberry daiquiris.
 She was really excited about the braids and left them in for over a week after we got home.
 The view at night from our room.....
 Two "tour guides" showing the giant tiki type roof on the lobby.
 Enjoying one of 3 pools....
 Another strawberry drink!!
 I took this shot in the ocean to show how crystal clear the water was - almost more so than the pool itself! I enjoyed snorkeling a little each day. My dad and brother are the only two divers in the group.
 Another night view.....
 Last drink and stroll around the property before leaving the next morning.
 The waiters got to know my children well and started a carafe of hot chocolate with a dish of whipped cream each morning when we walked in.
Time to leave paradise.....we are looking forward to heading back again this June!

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