Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Funnies

Mr C was enjoying perusing a book this week entitled "The Living World". It had lots of information and photos/illustrations of all kinds of things. He really enjoyed the section on snakes - yikes! He then turned to "The Human Body" section. We saw lots of body parts but he really paused to look at a scan of the human heart. I thought he was going to say it was a heart shape but instead he pulled it close to his face and asked "Where's God in there?"
Funny and endearing, but lets me know he IS listening and learning even if it is a little confusing. I tried to briefly clear things up and even though he doesn't get it completely, he knows that I don't have a little living being running around in my heart.


  1. Thanks for the bubble snake idea! Blogged about it on my list of summer activities and gave you credit! Thanks again! Super adorable and got lots of "awwwwwww"s Gianne at


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