Monday, November 16, 2009

Totally 100% Free Holiday Tip

Looking for a TOTALLY free holiday spirit idea that works for any special day? It's genius I tell you and totally cute if you have young children who speak clearly. Simply change the outgoing message on your phone. Last fall, the wee ones and I started switching ours up to coordinate with holidays and seasons. For our summer message "It's summer and we are probably working in the garden. Please leave a message" all Mr C got to say was "bye!".
In October, he graduated to saying "Happy Halloween" after Miss M leaves her bit. (You have reached the _______ family; no tricks and no treats - just leave a message.) This month he got to add "Happy Thanksgiving" after Miss M's introduction.
It only took about 5 takes to get it just perfect, except for the happy squeals you can overhear at the end because "we nailed it that time Mama".
One little suggestion: If your little ones can't or won't speak clearly, do your friends and family a favor and do not use this idea. As the coordinator of my MOPS group, I call lots of preschool families. If I am calling you for the first time, I want to hear either the name or number clearly so I know I am leaving a message at the right place! Have fun and let me know what messages you come up with! Gotta run is a dark and rainy in my city today - a perfect day for baking pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins!

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