Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Banner

I saw this cute banner over at Magnolia Manor and decided to try my hand at it. All it took was
  • a few sheets of scrapbook paper
  • one package of stickers
  • ribbon I had on hand
  • a few cuts using a borrowed Ellison machine. If you don't have access to a die-cut machine, you could always free hand your letters or just print, trace, and cut them out.
  • glue (I used glue dots.)
  • mini-clothespins
This should be easy to store - just unclip the cards and place in a ziplock with the ribbon and clothespins.
The inspiration banner used only the word thankful and I think that less letters would have been better than the longer version I created. I scored several sheets of scrapbooking paper, ribbon and stickers ALL at 50% off today at Hobby Lobby! To really make my money go even further, I am planning to use the same ribbon for several banners. The little rolls in the scrapbook supply aisle are the perfect length for shorter banners. They were only 50 cents today! I am already thinking about making one for several other seasons.....
"JOY" for December
"SNOW" for January
"LOVE" for Valentine's Day
"SPRING" or He is Risen" for April, depending on Easter falls.
"USA or AMERICA" could be used for several holidays.
Lots of possibilities, don't you think? I also forgot to mention that I was the winner of a contest sponsored by whiMSy love's etsy store. I used a portion of my gift certificate to purchase a special custom mini-banner that is so cute and cheery. (It says "celebrate") She is in the process of moving to another state right now, but you can contact her about purchasing a similar one here. Banners can take so many forms, but it is easy to get a ton of decorating bang for your buck. Have fun and let me know what you create.

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  1. Sometimes I can't believe we're friends. I guess you just must be special! I'm not crafty; I love sports; I'm not creative so how did we ever hook up? :-)


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