Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deck the Halls (Dollar Store Style!)

Sorry it has been over two weeks since my last post. Church commitments and a trip home to Arkansas for the holiday filled me weeks! But I am back with a few samples of what else I have been up to lately. I have really been trying to reuse and re-purpose items this last my grandmommie's vintage jewelry and my summer mailbox decoration. My Christmas decorations are no exception!

I have never been pleased with my dining room centerpiece and have tried several different styles. Our dining room opens to the kitchen, so it needs to be casual. Also, it is our only table upstairs and is used at every meal, with two children, so it must also be easy to move around. This only cost $4 and I am SOOO pleased! I saw the idea for a pottery barn rip-off here.

This is my creation, using my glass container from Halloween (which was purchased on sale several years ago at a discount decorating store.) I picked up 4 packs of bells, but might stop in for just one more. They also have brassy gold and a pewter-like finish but I am a traditional red/green gal.
My next little project involved two 10 inch wreaths from the Dollar Tree. I used some leftover adhesive red felt letters to spell out "peace" and "joy" on a scrap of brown lunch sack. I then added a few of those cheap apple ornaments ($2 for a dozen) that I found left in the basement from my teaching days. I used to personalize one for each student as a part of a Christmas gift from me. I did have to pick up a spool of ribbon, but it was only $1 and I have some left for other projects. The little mini-cookie cutters were a gift; I think I might tie them on with a little solid red ribbon because they don't show as well as I would like. If I get really ambitious, Miss M and I will try those applesauce/cinnamon ornaments with the cutters....that would be so cute in the kitchen and smell good too!Anyway, 3o minutes and $4 later (plus the things I already had) and I have a sweet little decoration for the kitchen windows.

I have a few other little things to show you, but it is dark and rainy here..calling for my pictures are all turning out too dark. I will leave you with one little photo of Miss M and some children from school though....
About 70 children earned a hummer ride to Incredible Pizza on Monday. Mr C and I were able to go too! Miss M said she felt like Hannah Montana! Check back soon and I will show a simple and whimsical front door decoration.

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