Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pre-Summer Craftiness

We harvested the first strawberries from our little patch last night. They were better than last year, having a good berry taste but not very sweet - still yummy though! The tomatoes have a few yellow blooms - Miss M and I are very anxious for that. I thought I would post a few crafty pics - per Miss M's request. I know some family members are anxious for carnival pics, so I will get to that later!

First off, we attended a super fun party at a children's hair salon several weeks ago. This is my first attempt to duplicate the fancy do at home. This isn't actually a craft, but still creative! I emailed directions to a grandmother we met at the post office, so let me know if you want them too -it is way easier than it looks!

Next up were May Day Baskets we made for friends and neighbors. We used leftover ribbon and wallpaper samples to make little cone-shaped baskets, which we filled with chocolate covered pretzels. The kids really enjoyed trying to hang them on front doors without getting caught!

Finally, a little Memorial Day Bling for the mailbox! Using materials leftover from previous projects, I made up this little decoration. Super easy & cheap too!


  1. Love the mailbox decoration...the hair do...and the May baskets.
    Very creative!

  2. The ribbon you brought just faded into my white mail post, so I cut some patriotic fabric into strips and made a fake bow.


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