Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miss M Opens a Contest

Miss M has declared a contest in honor of our (almost) 100th blog hit. Leave a comment telling us your favorite summer time treat between now and tomorrow at 1 PM - that gives you a full 24 hours to enter! We don't know how to use that random selection program used on other blogs, so ours will be totally low tech. We will write your name on a slip of paper and Miss M will choose one from the hat. The exact prize will depend on if you are a local or distant reader, but either way it will be a "sweet" little prize! Remember...you can't win if you don't enter - uh comment!


  1. Oh sweet pea!

    I would LOVE to enter your giveaway!!!

    My favorite summer time treat... honestly?

    Sugar free Mango/Peach fusion Slurpees!!!


  2. Thank you! I want to enter your contest...
    My favorite summertime treat is playing in the pool with my sweet grandkids!

  3. Miss M, you and your momma are doing a great job on your blog! Your garden looks fantastic! I bet you can make all sorts of treats with the stuff growing in your backyard!

    My favorite sweet treat during the summer would have to be ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Actually, that is my favorite sweet treat any time of the year!!! :o)

  4. My favorite summer-time treat is definitely watermelon!!!

  5. Hi Meredith Rae - what a great blog! I would choose watermelon, cantalope, honeydew - any or all of them!!!

  6. Nothing wrong with low tech. We aren't local anymore, but we can pick up our prize when we visit later this summer (we will win of course). Maybe we can hear both the local and distant reader prizes and then make a choice?

    My favorite summer treat is my mom's blackberry cobbler (fresh out of the oven) with ice cream. That CAN'T be beat.

    Michael B

  7. Way to go Ms. M and mom! Looks like you passed 100!! Let's see.. my favorite summertime treat would have to be the hubby's homemade ice cream..whatever flavor he makes!


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