Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Ok...since I am new at this, I don't know how to post a note and a picture at the same time. But the photos show just a little of the fun we had when my folks flew up for a few days last weekend. (Side note: My dad owns a small private plane and they hit a wild turkey during take off on the way here. Only the turkey was killed, I mean harmed!) We hit Chuckee Cheese, Cabela's (or Clarabelle's as Miss M calls it), plus enjoyed a great game of mini golf. Popa and Miss M also went on one round of go karts. Can you tell she loves speed?? The folks stayed for church Sunday morning and then we sadly told them good-bye all too early that afternoon. Even sadder for Mr C...they took their beagle Rudy home too.

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