Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy!

Miss M wanted a lazy day, but that is not what was on the calendar for today! We started out by working on Mt Laundry and a few little outdoor chores. After an early lunch and nap for Mr C, we all three headed to church to work a few hours helping with my MOPS group's photography fundraiser. (WARNING: Don't ever let Antiquities take your child's photo unless you are willing to part with lots of your cash! EVERY picture was so cute and the kids had a blast doing it.)

After our shift was over, we ate at the spaghetti dinner fundraiser at church. Then it was Awana Award night where the hubby received a pin for serving his first year as a Cubbies leader and Miss M received an award for completing her third year of Cubbies. After a bite of cake, we headed home for a fast bath and were able to catch the last half hour of American Idol. I admit...we watch and let Miss M watch it sometimes too. Being that Kris is from the town just down the road from my hometown, I voted for the first time last night. (5 times, I will add!)

Now two funny things:
  1. Mr C has learned the word "bravo" and shouts it anytime his sister or I try to sing anything around him. He also said it a few times tonight at the award presentation.
  2. Mr C also says "Mama Rocks" a few times a week - but not tonight at church when I asked "Who rocks?" DADDY was his front of several of daddy's friends I will add!!
Library day tomorrow! Yeah because I finished my book two days ago!!

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