Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where In the World Is Cupcake Mama?

So it has been over 1 month since my last post. My computer was ill for a bit, plus I was busy making Christmas gifts, decorating, baking, traveling to see family, and above all else celebrating the birth of my Saviour. Plus Mr C turned 3 on January 3! Whew!! I do have some pics to post at some point...just a few ideas you might want to stash in your brain for next year. (Or you may just dump them in the trash!)
We returned home from Arkansas last Wednesday, after being there for one week. Then over the weekend we received word that the hubby's grandfather has passed away. So, back to Arkansas we drove....just one week after we left. He was 93 and had been in fragile health for a few years now so we were not surprised. His wife passed away about three years ago. A friend lost an aunt and uncle earlier this week in a freak accident that took the family by surprise. The friend has two preschool children and they made the decision not to tell their children. The friend's wife commented that even though they were special people and loved my many, their two young children won't miss them now that they are gone. Isn't that sad, but true? That is how it will be with my children and their great-grandfather. My last grandparent died 2 years ago and even though Miss M was 5, she rarely speaks of my grandmother. So my words to you....make each day count for something and live IN the moment - not by the clock.
Now, I am off to live in the moment with Mr C...or at least see what he is yelling about!

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  1. Now that he's three, DOES he use the potty all the time?


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