Monday, July 12, 2010

Balloon Wreath

Miss M will be turning SEVEN at the end of this month and has had birthday planning on the brain for months. When we saw this wreath at how does she we knew we HAD to try it. We picked up all the supplies at Hobby Lobby today and made it while little brother napped.
Supplies needed:
  • 144 ballons - we only found the 12 inch size
  • 2 greening pin packs-found in the artificial plant section
  • straw wreath -leave the plastic on so it doesn’t shed
Just take a balloon and put it in the middle of the pin, then push into the wreath. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.... It took a little time for us to discover that alternating the position of the open end of the balloon helped on spacing. We also learned that it's best to dump out  and mix up the entire bag of balloons because we had a ton of pink in one bag!
I also used some ribbon I had on hand to make hanging the wreath a little easier. Total for supplies: $15. Not only can you use it for birthdays, but you could also make a little "congratulations" or "celebrate" sign out of p cardstock and stick it on with a toothpick or floral pick. For a family known to celebrate Happy Monday with a cake, a balloon wreath is a perfect fit!


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