Thursday, July 1, 2010

Simple Lunch Turned Special

We live in a large city with tons of things to do every day of the summer, but some days it is nice to just stay home. We recently had such an "at home day". It started out fine, but by lunch time the wee ones were in need of a distraction of some kind. First off, they dined on hot dogs and Cheetos, with a side of fruit and milk to drink. Hot dogs are a rare treat at our house...they usually mean that I am sick and/or really tired and that's all I could come up with!
Hot dogs are excitement enough but served in these cute retro baskets....and with little personal flags too? It was just what we all needed on a hot summer day! You don't have to use the baskets - just try a simple flag in your family's waffles, sandwich, fresh fruit...and see if they don't enjoy the special little touch.
(Thanks to my bloggy buddy Nikki for this idea!)

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