Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Lost My Pants in the Swimming Pool and other fun stuff...

No, not really! But last summer the kids and I enjoyed a free library concert by Babaloo. With titles like "The Wee Wee Dance", "My Hair Had a Party Last Night", and the above mentioned swimming pool incident my whole family laughs, sings, and dances along to his CD's. The entire family was able to attend another free concert near our home earlier this year and Babaloo sang wee wee dance as a special request from our family!

The lyrics are probably a bit obnoxious to some parents, but after teaching kindergarten/preschool for 6 years I am hear to tell you that kids laugh/talk about gas/boogers even if you don't think they do! I figure if I can't beat 'em, I should join 'em. Besides, it's a whole lot less obnoxious than Justin Bieber! And we do still listen to Go Fish and VBS CD's so often I think we will wear them out someday.

Here's a link to a video a local teacher did with her class for "The Wee Wee Dance".

Nothing says fun like a paint roller with toilet paper attached to a leaf blower. Babaloo's quote "I know what all the dads are going to be trying in the garage this afternoon!"

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