Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glam Girl's Room on a Budget

Old outlet covers..made new with a coat of silver spray paint. We also painted the floor vent and the drawer handles.

A yellow wall becomes turquoise!

 She already had the pink canopy (a $3 garage find a few years ago). The flower hooks and name above the window were purple and pink. I repainted all the purple parts turquoise.
 Switch plate cover...glammed up with turquoise paint and the same rhinestones as the lamp. It makes me happy that she wanted the vinyl puppies on the wall...lets me know she is still a little girl and not growing TOO fast.

 Old hand-me down mirror freshened up with a coat of what else.....silver spray paint!
 A bit of hand-sewn ribbon detail adds a little sparkle to the curtains.
This bulletin board has been several colors in its lifetime...turquoise with a spray of glitter gave it new life. The two over the door jewel hooks add a little more storage for all kinds of things.

So, the total breakdown of the room redo:
bedding and curtains: $70, but it was a birthday gift from Cupcake Nana.
gallon of paint: $20
ribbon: $2
silver spray paint: $5
nightstand table: $20, plus a few materials already on hand
light switch cover: $5
package of rhinestones: $3
lamp: $10
trim for lamp: $5
vinyl puppies: $10
turquoise spray paint: on hand
total for room: $150
seeing the pleasure on your daughter's face of a job well done: priceless!
We still have a few little things to finish, but she is very happy with the results and proud of our work. I have caught her several times just sitting in her room and looking around.  Happy (early) birthday Miss M!


  1. Looks FANTASTIC!!!! :) I just love seeing all these projects....WHAT'S NEXT?!?! LOL

  2. I love it! Makes me SO excited to do Riley's room next weekend!


  3. Love the finished project and seeing all of the pieces in place. I'm so glad she likes it!!

  4. WOW! Meredith's room looks like something out of a magazine! Creative Nana, creative Mom, creative Meredith. You guys are amazing. :)


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