Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thrifty Lamp Re-do & Candlestick Frame

Yes, I am finally posting after a blogging break...mostly for a lack of time more than anything else. Summer has finally arrived in the Midwest and the heat is driving my family indoors, so maybe I'll get caught up a bit now! One project that has been keeping us busy is updating Miss M's bedroom decor. She turns the ripe old age of 8 in 2 weeks and has been after us to redecorate her bedroom for several months. It's almost finished, but here's a sneak peek.
I picked up this lamp at a thrift store for $10 before we even started on the room. At that point, she knew the main color would be turquoise and I thought the silver base and acrylic "jewels" could work in the room.

Here's the before....perfect size, marble base good for defending yourself against bumps in the night...
Now, with a coat of turquoise spray paint left from this awning project and some hot glue action paired with sequined trim and rhinestones at a total cost of $15 for the lamp and supplies...
I will confess that the shade is a little marbled looking when the light is on, but the effect is perfect for Miss M's room. After I completed the lamp, I saw fabric spray paint at Michael's so I may investigate that for future projects. I also made the little frame in the photo...more details about that later but it probably only cost about $2 and took about 2 minutes to make!
Finally, a full shot of the new bedside table made by Miss M's daddy. If she ever gets the floor and dresser cleared off enough I'll take some more pictures!


  1. CUTE!! I am working on redoing Todd & Ethan's room too. He wanted to go with Dallas Cowboy's theme, but we are just going with their colors & a few Cowboys accents here and there. I am on the hunt for a great lamp to rework too!! Will be posting pics to FB soon! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. The lamp is adorable. I can see why Meredith's likes it so much! You are so creative - I know where you get that!


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