Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Fun

 Even though Mr C doesn't look too happy in most of these pictures, he was thrilled with his costume. He did however elect not to wear the fuzzy mustache that came with the costume. "It's itchy and how will I eat a hot dog?" Good point Mario!
Since I sold 3 outgrown costumes before Halloween, I was able to feel OK about spending $20 on the Mario costume. We had a total of 4 Marios at church Sunday night, so I am pretty confident I will be able to sell it with no trouble next fall.
 Annie did a little singing for a few lucky few! Her dress a thrift find for $3 this summer, with the addition of my gold locket, her black Mary Jane's, and $2 for a can of red hairspray on her hair which was curled the night before. It washed out surprisingly easy too.
 The winning car at trunk or treat. Skippy the dog was later added as the inmate -in a full doggy costume. Really, how can you compete with a cute pup?
 2nd place Fiesta!
Our car "Parkway Perk" coffee shop - a play on the name of our church. As in the past, we didn't spend much on our car, using things we had around the house!  Click here for a peek at our trunk from last year.
 We served hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles along with candy of course!
 The menu got lots of attention.
 Phineas! (The kids and I clean out the guts and Dad does the fancy stuff.)
A night shot just before we went home. See our luminaries on the ground? They had coffee scented tea lights in them - we worked on ALL the senses! 

 Day 2 of fun - Halloween Night! Since it was a school night Miss M opted for a simpler costume. She wasn't 100% thrilled with the flour on her face, but the mixing bowl "treat bag" made her happy! Mr C stuck with Mario.
Not really sure what's she's going for in this shot - Iron Chef maybe?

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  1. Took me a long time to respond to this - but the Halloween costumes are FABULOUS!! Great job, you guys. And you would have definitely gotten my vote for the Trunk or Treat! Okay - the dog one was cute, but the Stroud's should have at least gotten 2nd place. Oh well.....

    Love you.


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