Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frugal Flatware

Although I haven't read/heard this idea anywhere, I am sure it is not an original thought. I still wanted to pass it along to others though! Since Miss M isn't just a sandwich/chips/dessert kind of lunchboxer, I knew she would occasionally need a spoon or fork in her lunchbox. Although she could easily get one from the cafeteria, that is an additional step in an already short lunch period. I didn't want to take a chance her losing any flatware from home and using disposable really isn't very responsible. So, Mr C and I picked up a few forks and spoons at our local Goodwill on Friday. I can't believe they were 25 cents each!! I think a local thrift store in my hometown sells it for more like 10 cents. Nonetheless, frugal flatware was found for a steal. Of course, she is eating in the cafeteria tomorrow and won't get to use it yet!
I just realized that I haven't posted a vintage birthday gift from me to Miss M, so look for that this week. Also, I have a friend who makes beautiful beaded jewelry as a hobby and she graciously agreed to reconfigure some of my grandmother's vintage chokers and clip on earrings into some new things for me. I can't wait to show you how they turn out! Lastly, Miss M and I have a little project drying as we speak to help organize her overflowing jewelry box. So be sure to check back later this week for at least ONE of the projects!

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  1. Great idea on the spoons! I send a plastic one with Sophie nearly every day... I'll certainly be looking for some cheap ones that we can reuse! It's true they don't get much time to eat. After the first couple of days, she told me not to put so much in her lunch because she didn't have time to eat it all! She hates when things go to waste!


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