Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shrinky Dink Tags

I have mentioned Whimsy-Love more than once on my blog because she is a great inspiration to my crafty side. I love that when she has an idea for a project, she does it! I found that after Mr C was born, I was telling myself (and Miss M) "we will do it later" all too often. Nikki and her two girls strike when the iron is hot - something I am striving to do as well.
A few months back, Nikki reintroduced me to a fun little item from the 80's - Shrinky Dinks! I had fun with these as a child and had no idea you could still buy it. It used to come in pre-made kits but this is a package of sheets so you can make whatever you want! Ours came from Hobby Lobby, but I am pretty sure that other craft stores would carry it too.
We have made necklaces, used it at a Valentine party, and most recently to make bag tags for Miss M's lunchboxes and backpack.It is easy, easy, easy to use....just draw or trace your design using colored pencils, cut out, punch a hole if desired and bake at 325 for 1-3 minutes. That's it! Just remember that your design will shrink, so take that into consideration when drawing your design.Miss M's virus has finally run its course and she has the all clear to attend the first day of kindergarten tomorrow! It is hard to believe that the day we have been talking about for about one year is finally here. All three of will be taking her to school to see her off on this great adventure. Then Dad heads to work while Mr C and Cupcake Mama try to fill the hours until pick up time at 2:50!

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