Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mary Poppins & Go Fish

This past weekend was packed full, but our family enjoyed every minute of it! Saturday afternoon, Miss M and I went to the historic Fox Theater to see the Broadway production of Mary Poppins. much fun for the both of us. The sets, new and old songs, performers...all were top-notch. My sweet hubby used "points" awarded at work to purchase the tickets - we were in a box, with special parking and entrance privileges, and food service at our table. We enjoyed a tasty strawberry shortcake and lemonades in "fancy" glasses (stemware which impressed Miss M). Our seatmates were mother/daughter and the little girl recently started kindergarten as well. After the show, we took more time to explore the beautifully restored theater. As we were getting in our car to leave, we saw several people waiting outside a side door...Mary Poppins herself came out and Miss M got an autograph. I didn't snap a picture because she was being so gracious to sign and meet all her fans...we thought that was enough. It was our first visit to The Fabulous Fox and although it may be a long time until our next visit, there will be another one!
The was the light above our seats...Miss M thought it looked like a butterfly.
Pre-show....can hardly wait! Pizza at home with the boys rounded out the evening.

After church, lunch, and a nap on Sunday, we all four headed to the next county over to see one of our most favorite recording artists: Go Fish. If you have children or grandchildren under about age 12, you must check these guys out! Their a Capella style mixes old children's standards with rockin' Bible based tunes like "The 10 Commandment Boogie" and other fun songs. I even listen to their CD's when I am alone in the car - they are just that good.

I saw them in concert last year at the MOPS convention but this was the first chance for the family to hear them live. We met up with friends from church, which made the hour wait more fun. We made signs and the kids were pleased when "the guys" gave them a thumbs up and high-fives all around when the came out in the audience.waiting outside to go thankful for unseasonably cool weather!
Even though the sound was turned lower than a typical concert, it was still pretty loud. What do you expect with a capacity crowd though? I think I heard the number was something like 850.
Hearing from Jamie about how EVERYONE can be "saved by grace, through faith".
Miss M spent some birthday money on a shirt and all three guys signed it after the concert. I lamented to Jason the fact they are not coming to the MOPS convention next month - they weren't invited this time! MOPS will surely hear about that from me and a few friends.
We had so much fun this weekend - Monday came much to quickly! Right now, I am in the midst of replacing the kitchen flooring. Actually, I am assisting a really good friend from church. Mr R has just about every tool you can think of and knows how to use them all! Check back later this week for before and after pics!

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