Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Funnies

This isn't entirely a Friday Funny post - keep reading for that! There was still lots of fun on trip earlier this summer to Branson with my family. Among other things, we rented a pontoon boat and tube and spent the day on Table Rock Lake. After everyone had a turn, Miss M decided she was up for it. She told me she was really glad she tried it because it's "so much fun to go fast!" She even got back on after a pretty big spill. I worry about that girl and her love for speed sometime!

Aunt J, Cupcake Nana, and Miss M just lounging on the boat.

Mr C and Poppa "driving" the boat. We got a lot of horn honking from his little captain.

Poppa showing Miss M how easy of a ride it can be.

"Wow! Has Daddy been working out lately? I have never seen him so musclely!" commented Miss M. When he was back on the boat, we told him what she had said.

"And why is that funny?" the 6'2" 165 pound guy asked.

I realized when I was posting, that I didn't get a picture of my mom or SIL on the tube, but they took a turn too! And no comments please about how dangerous and reckless it was for me to let Mr C ride without a life vest. We actually didn't realize until later that it didn't get back on him after a lunch break. Other than that, we practiced great water safety!

Cooling off with Uncle N.

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