Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baa Baa Black Sheep

VBS (Vacation Bible School) is next week at our church - I am working in 3rd grade and Miss M will be attending. The theme is Boomerang Express with the Australian outback as a backdrop. Australia...kangaroos, koalas, sheep....SHEEP?? Yes, there are over 120 MILLION sheep in Australia- who knew? Our lead teacher, Mrs. L., decided to stage our classroom as a sheep station and I volunteered to make paper mache sheep as part of the decoration. She graciously indulged my crafty bend and volunteered to help. Of course, Miss M was in on the fun as well.

I didn't take pictures of all the stages, but we blew up two balloons for the body and attached two smaller ones for the head. We cut paper towel tubes to the desired length and taped them on for legs. Then it was messy time...slapping the newspaper on with the paper mache paste. (I just use 1 C of liquid starch to 1/2 C of flour) The finished product....

After that was dry, I used white spray paint for the body and black craft paint on the legs and heads. Miss M and Mrs. L used spray adhesive and fiber-fill to give the sheep that oh so fluffy appearance.

A few painted on eyes and noses with construction paper ears and TA-DAH - SHEEP!!

Even Mr C called them "peeps - BAA!"

Paper mache is lots of fun and as Nikki pointed out a few days ago - it is a project that takes several days to complete, eliminating that question hated by moms across the country in the summer..."What are we gonna do today?"


  1. I'm impressed!!! I love the sheep with black faces. They are my favorite ones to look for when I visit the Isle of Man. They have tons of sheep, too.

  2. These are too stinkin' cute!! Good job!

  3. The little sheep are wonderful! Guys, you really did a GREAT job!!!!


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