Friday, June 19, 2009

Back from Down Under

Whew....made it through a week of late night at VBS. The kids seemed to like the sheep, but 1 bit the dust early in the week. Also, genius that I am, I didn't pop the balloons since we weren't making a pinata. They were in my car Sunday morning during church and it was a pretty warm day. Air expands when heated which caused the balloons to push the limits of the paper mache. When I opened my car after church, there was some white "sheep skin", pieces of balloon, and fiber fill in the back seat. We were able to cover up the gaps with fiberfill though and they still looked good. Kinda surprised they didn't get too hot in my garage the week prior to VBS though. Anyway...lesson learned!

Got my father in laws gift in the mail today but I am still working on my dad's gift. He reads this, so I can't post a picture or tell you anything about it until after he gets it. I still have a few days to work on it because my parents will be in town on Wednesday so we don't have to mail it.

Miss M and I decided to have a little ice cream party on Monday evening in an effort to get to know a few more neighbors. We know the ones right behind us, next door, and across the street, but that's it. So we stood in our front yard and made invitations for every house we could see from the driveway. We will let you know how the party turns out! Here is a shot of the invitations we made. (It is blurry so you can't see our address in case we don't know you in real life.)
The kids and I visited a local historical carousel last week and also had the opportunity to meet Clifford. Mr C high-fived him but did want a picture. Miss was more than happy to pose though.

I will leave you with a few candid shots to bring a smile on this almost summer day! Not really sure the occasion for the tiara, but she wore it the whole time we were out - even to the grocery store!This last one I like to call "redneck massage therapy". They had a blast using the electric neck massage thing to tickle each other's back and feet.
As for crafting this week - just had time for the invitations and made a little hairbow in about 3 minutes using leftover ribbon. I have a project idea that we hope to try this weekend though...will share if it is worth posting.

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