Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation & Lost Teeth

Having so much fun out of state at my parent's home....too bad my camera and the folk's computer can't "talk" or I would show you the fun! We have spent time in my parent's pool each evening, having to literally drag Mr C out each time for dinner. Miss M and Nana plan to make a heart shaped cake tomorrow for my brother and sis in law's 2nd anniversary. We also plan to hit goodwill and another thrift store in town tomorrow. I have such fond memories when my cousin would come to visit from Texas...we would spend an hour or so trying things on at the thrift store and she would tell her friends back home all her great finds came for a "cute little boutique where her cousin lives." We also went to the salavation army the day before a sack sale. (All you can fit in a paper grocery sack for either $2 or $ has been over years now and I can't remember!) We picked out what we wanted to buy, then hung them all on the rack in one spot so when the store opened the next morning, we just went to straight to our stash and shoved in our sacks! We also learned that you could fit even more in a sack if you tightly rolled each item. Yes, the money went to to a good organization but remember, we were just high school students with a very limited clothing budget!
Also, when I get home next week I can't wait to post pics of the craft Nana, Miss M and I worked on for Miss M's 6th birthday party next month...cute and fun!! Oh yeah and Miss M lost her first tooth yesterday - when we get home next week we will use my old tooth fairy pillow. She asked me last week if the tooth fairy was real and I asked her what she thought. "Probably not, but can we just pretend anyway?"

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  1. Congratulate Miss M on her first lost tooth! Sophie will be super excited to finally have a friend with a lost tooth! I'll tell her when I get home in the morning!


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