Monday, March 29, 2010

Giraffe & Ostrich Gone WILD!!

Miss M had a 1/2 day on Friday and Daddy was off early, so the family headed to the zoo in our city. A favorite stop is always the giraffes. We were excited to see how much the baby had grown since our last visit in November. There are also two ostriches who live with the giraffe family - usually they just ignore one another.

Imagine our surprise when we came upon one ostrich and the baby kicking, pecking, and chasing one another. Finally, the baby went to the area with the adults and came back out front with its mom. Then he strutted around the ostrich as if to say "nana-nana boo boo"!

This first video shows most of the action, with a big kick from the giraffe at the end. The second clip shows a little action but mostly highlights the aggressive side of of Mr C as he continually roots for the giraffe, shouting things like "Get him giraffe! Kick him!" I tell you, it sounded like we have taken him to boxing matches or something....

The otters were also going at it - tugging and dunking one another in their pool. I wasn't too surprised by that since I have read that otters are very playful by nature. I have emailed the zoo to ask them about all the crazy giraffe/ostrich match up and will post if/when I get an answer!
*I heard back from the zoo. The ostrich is new to the zoo and trying to find his place. He also was probably feeling protective and/or showing off for the other ostrich - a female. Makes sense, doesn't it?

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