Tuesday, March 9, 2010

See You Soon Soldier

My brother left yesterday for Afghanistan - a two month deployment with the Arkansas Air Guard. Lots of differences from his first deployment in 2003: he was with the Army Guard, it was Iraq for about 18 months, he frequently had to go off the base, and was assigned multiple magazines for his rifle compared to the one this time. He has also gotten married since that first deployment.

Things have changed for us too. We know what it is like to worry every time the news reports a bombing near or on the base. We know how important little packages and notes from home can be. We have skype now - a great improvement over the webcams and IM from a few years back. We also know how relieved we will feel when he is home safely again and how heavy the weight of worry is until that time.

Before his first deployment, I wrote about 70 or so "remember whens", jokes and funnies, and special scriptures and cut them all apart, placing them in a plastic envelope. He was to pull out one a week until he got home. I gave him some more this time but was thankful it didn't have to be near as many.
His unit was greeted in Bangor Maine - their last US stop - by the Freeport Flag Ladies. This all volunteer group has made it their mission to see that every soldier who passes through their airport on they way to a deployment is greeted by someone. They also took photos that are available on their website for family members to view. In addition, every soldier had opportunity to make a free phone call home. Thanks ladies...

When you have a minute, please remember Nathan and all the soldiers who serve our country around the world.
My computer has been sick, but I have a new one and I think it can talk to my camera again. So I should be posting more regularly once again...check back soon to see a new masterpiece created by Miss M.

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