Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheap and Easy Birthday Gifts

Just a quick and easy gift idea that we made for two special friends who have birthdays very near Mr C. I painted unfinished 4x6 frames from the Dollar Tree with a glossy black. We added pre-painted wooden cutouts and personalized them before attaching to the frame with hot glue. We also added a $5 Blockbuster card for each brother. Total cost for TWO gifts: $13, not including the paint we already had on hand. So easy and the best thing about this project is that is can be adapted for just about any interest/color scheme! I had planned to include a photo of the the birthday boys and my children in the frame, but dork that I am....the best photo is vertical! Wouldn't look so good in a horizontal frame, would it? Oh well, I see this family often so I am sure I can get it taken care of soon.


  1. These are really cute!

    Cupcake Nana

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