Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday Funnies

This is a day late, but I think I will start a "Friday Funnies" post each week....IF I can remember. When my children are particularly humorous, the post be will a quite from one of them. (Like today's post) Otherwise, it can be any random thing I read/hear/experience and find funny.

Yesterday, the entire family went to a children's museum in our city. We go several times a year and the children were excited because Cupcake Daddy had the afternoon off and was going with us. All the way there, Mr C. kept saying "I really love the Maggot House". The real name of the museum? The Magic House = lots of fun. The Maggot House - probably not so much.

Not so funny....I turned 35 on Thursday. Once again, older than the hubby until October rolls around. I do appreciate all the birthday cards, phone calls, and Facebook posts from friends and family though!

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