Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple Pickin'

Back in the day when I taught kindergarten in Arkansas, we would always do an "apple" unit in early fall. Never mind I had never picked an apple anywhere but the grocery store and neither had my students! It was exciting my first fall "up north" when we took the students to a real apple orchard. I remember thinking how fun it would be to take my own children some day. We have gone about every other year and this time around we decided to go a little further across the river and into the next state. Lots of fun as you can see!

 This was a "mine shaft" tunnel slide....we spent a lot of time in this area.
 A long trek back up the hill!
 We ran into some neighbors on the apple wagon and they snapped this photo of us.
The apple picking was little disappointing to Miss M because there had been several hundred preschoolers the week before us and lots of apples had fallen on the ground. Mr C didn't mind as it made it much easier for him to pick! They were still tasty though and made for a great apple crisp.

Rides, this giant jumping thing, and silly shows made for a fun day!

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