Monday, October 3, 2011

Miss M's 8th Birthday Luau

Call me crazy, but yes I let Miss M invite six friends over for s sleepover party. We did have the assistance of an "aunt". Sara fills that void nicely since our family is out of state. The evening started off with making tie-dyed shirts.
Miss M and I sporting our matching VERY vintage and VERY authentic Hawaiian shirts my grandparents got on a trip right around the time I was born. (see, VERY vintage!)

Fruit kabobs, a veggie tray, and pizza for dinner...not very Hawaiian but easy and tasty nonetheless!
Miss M showing off her flip-flop cake. It was just about the easiest cake we have made to date!
Turquoise of course! Click here for directions.

A little bleary-eyed the next morning but most were still going strong. Doughnuts helped the cause.
Our customary "crazy" shot on the front porch, sporting the shirts we made.
 Also, big thanks to my friend Kris for loaning us a bug tub of tropical decorations. As you can see, even the bathroom got in the party spirit. When I started this post, I realized just how few pictures I had taken - too busy making the party happen I guess!

For the actual birthday day at Nana & Popa's house, we continued the theme with a beach cake.

At long last, Miss M got her ears pierced with no tears! Can hardly believe my girl is eight!

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  1. Oh WOW! Both parties look amazing. :) Love the flip-flop cake, the vintage shirts - AND the ear piercing. Miss M was obviously very brave. I'm sure she is enjoying all kinds of cool earrings now. Worth a little pain! I hope Miss M is enjoying her sock monkey. :)


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