Monday, October 24, 2011

Secret Keeper Girls

I can't say enough about a recent Secret Keeper Girls event Miss M and attended with several friends. If you are a person of influence in the life of a young girl aged 8-12, check out this site. Several of us also read the book by Dannah Gresh entitled"Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in Your Girl and it was an excellent read for mothers of girls even as young as 5 or 6. 
We had a fun time piling in the church van for a short ride across the river into the next state and grabbed a bite to eat before the event.

 Miss M and I were chosen to play a game. Luckily, we had help from the audience!

The event was a perfect mix of fun and the truth that is found in God's Holy Word. Modesty, labels, hurtful words....just a few of the topics presented. Some of our girls are already on me to check into bringing Secret Keeper Live to our church!

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