Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fancy & Frugal

My real life friends know I love a good bargain, so I just had to post a few pictures from a recent wedding our family attended. Miss M is sporting a sparkly dress in crimson velvet that we scored from Kohl's during an end of spring sale. The original price was $50. It was 90% off, making it $5!!

Not to be outdone, Mr C is dressed up in a totally free-to-me 3 piece hand-me-down suit, which included the shirt and tie. With shoes from Payless and Target, they were dressed to the nines and we only spent pennies!

The reception was baseball themed, so guests were invited to pose with various props for candid shots. My wee ones took advantage of it and posed with their "just like family, but not really" aunts.

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