Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cozy Thoughts....

Miss M was finally well enough to go back to school today, but thunder, lightening, and heavy rain made her want to stay in bed today! (Honestly, it didn't sound too bad to me either!) After taking her to school and running some errands, Mr C and I headed home. After lunch and doing a a few things around the house, I settled in with a cup of specialty coffee and a good book for a brief re-charge before Miss M got off the bus. I found this cup...

on a top shelf in my cabinets - long forgotten. Nothing fancy, but it was my sweet Grandmommie's. I don't know for sure who gave it to her, but I just remember her using it often. When she moved from her apartment into a nursing facility several years ago, I took it and stored it away. She passed away 4 years ago this coming December 7. I also took her big Pyrex mixing bowl...wasn't that a silly thing to want? But my Grandmommie was an excellent cook and it is something I use at least once a week. Each time I pull it out of the cabinet, I recall special times and meals she lovingly prepared. How about you....do you have something simple or seemingly insignificant that means a great deal to you?

All of my grandparents are now deceased and I miss each of them. If you are blessed enough to have grandparents who are still living, (of this I am HUGELY jealous!!) then why don't you give them a call, send a note....acknowledge their influence in your life in some way?

PS I have not forgotten about the promise of a "leave it out until Thanksgiving" decoration....I am still digging around in the basement for it. I am sure I have walked past it a dozen times already!

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  1. What a sweet post! She would be so pleased that you still have the mug,and use it! I loved my gradparents so much...wish I could give them a call...and my parents, too.


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